Enjoy a Night Out Around Town … Even on a Budget

We’ve all been there before: we discover that there’s nothing to watch on Netflix, the existential dread starts kicking in, and you come to realize that you’ve spent the entire day in your jammies. You take a deep breath and tell yourself you’re definitely going to paint the town tonight … if only your wallet would help you to do so.

If you’ve been a victim of this situation before, don’t sweat it. Here’s our 3-step guide guide to enjoying a night around town without having to take out another mortgage. So text your friends, put your dancing shoes on and get your game on, then check out our tips to enjoy a night out around town — even if you’re on a budget.

1. Set a budget … seriously
Set your mind on a budget and stick to it, if you can. Don’t bring your credit card, or just bring it and promise to use it only in emergencies. No getting the whole bar a round of drinks when you’ve had a fifth of vodka. Remember, no matter how much you love your new friends, that round does not constitute an emergency. Usually, having cash for the night is a subtle reminder to your subconscious that you are spending real money.

2. Make sure that you are not taking a private plane to Aspen
Planning is of the utmost importance when you’re planning a night out. Make sure you avoid locations that the Kardashians frequent — although freeloading or skimping is a viable option, we strongly advise against it. There are a lot of discount places and free options for you and your friends to try. Have a house party, get discounted concert tickets, play board games (with alcohol preferably and avoid playing monopoly.)

3. Be honest and hang out with you real friends, you’re not a baller
Usually when you’re out with a group of people, there’s the common herd mentality to do what everyone’s doing and spend just as much as that bestie with the hedge fund trust fund. However, remember something if they’re your friends they’ll understand. You can be designated buyer of cocktail snacks, you could agree to shoulder the cost of popcorn at a show, or maybe offer to be the driver after an LA Concert.

At the end of the day, be with good people who like to have good fun. Enjoy a picnic, get discounted tickets to LA concerts, go on a short road trip, visit your other friend, there are so many ways to have fun, especially in California. Painting the town doesn’t have to be expensive and at times it can be almost free!


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