Pasadena Ticket Central Offers Locals Discounted Tickets to Events Throughout Southern California

Pasadena Now has launched a new website selling discounted-price tickets to events.

The expansion leverages the site’s 14-year history of publishing detailed daily listings of local cultural and entertainment events in an online calendar which has regularly ranked #1 for Pasadena by Google.

The new service, Pasadena Ticket Central, offers tickets to events not just in Pasadena and Los Angeles County but throughout Southern California, at prices which are often 50 percent less than regular full fare.

“After having published tens of thousands of event listings since 2004, we decided to help our readers purchase tickets to attend these events,” said Publisher James Macpherson.

“This gives our readers a simple way after they’ve discovered an event on our site to move forward with buying tickets — and to save money at the same time, “ said Macpherson.

Pasadena Ticket Central’s discounted tickets platform is powered by Goldstar, a major entertainment ticketing company also headquartered in Pasadena.

“We are people who want you to go out to live entertainment so you can love that magical feeling as much as we do,” said Goldstar CEO, Jim McCarthy, on their website.

McCarthy has said in an interview that Goldstar can offer steep discounts because they work directly with theaters and sports teams to fill empty seats.

You can “paint the town red and save plenty of green,” is how Doreen Christensen of South Florida’s Sun Sentinel described her experience using Goldstar.

The tickets on offer cover a huge range of performance genres. Pasadena Ticket Central will sell tickets to everything from movies and museums to family and foodie events.

Macpherson said the new ticket service will be launched on Tuesday, June 13 and can be accessed at Pasadena Ticket Central .

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